Viana do Castelo embroidery was born at the beginning of the XX century.

This craft, and way of living, was “officially” recognized due to efforts of a Women’s Crusade that during the Second World War came together to alleviate the misery of many Portuguese families, during a time at which men were mobilized in France. A true example of Community, Empowerment and Fair Trade.

On the 24th of August of 2017, this regional, traditional and emblematic Portuguese style of embroidery celebrated its 100th anniversary. Unfortunately, at the time it was considered a somewhat dying technique that was poorly paid and deemed outdated.

Almost ironically, Martine Love’s founder Marta was true to her vision and launched the brand that brought a fresh angle and vision to this local craft in April of that very same year!

Martine Love is very proud to work with such heritage and give you a stylish and modern look into an exquisite and truly unique form of Portuguese artisanship.
A new concept of an application of a centennial art.
And a new hope to help the women in need of our days.

Supporting Social Action and Recycling

From the beginning Martine Love created its own hangers from the millions of hangers that came from laundry shops that nobody liked to have at home.
Result: a signature recycled-cool-looking-hanger that doesn’t let clothes slip off.

Invented by our own founder Marta. She along with a group of her very patient friends came together and handmade the first batch of 30 hangers.
Today, we manufacture the hangers with the help of true artisans at Santa Casa Misericórdia de Lisboa.
Thank you all for making them with your own two hands and helping us achieve our maximum level of zero waste whilst doing social good.


Production is limited and takes a specific timing which cannot be rushed.
Expect a period delivery of 4 weeks.
A full payment is mandatory so you can place your order.


While we are not able to provide size charts, please send us your height and weight information, so we can advise the best fit for you.

If you still have doubts please contact us at

Bespoke Conditions

Here you can design your own piece.
Please fill in the order information and place your pre-order with full payment.
Production is limited and takes a specific timing which cannot be rushed.
Any piece from the archive or a bespoke personalization can be made.
Expect a period delivery of 4 to 8 weeks depending on the extent of our waiting list.


A full payment is mandatory so you can place your order.

Note: After you place your order we will reach out to you by email so we can send you the catalogue from which you’ll choose your design. This will take approximately 24 working hours. After we receive your choice of embroidery, we will send a sketch within 5 working days. Expect a delivery period of 4 to 8 weeks from approval date, depending on the extent of our waiting list.